Agnum Bulletheart

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Agnum Bulletheart
Race Human
Physical description
Hair color Red
Eye color Red
Gender Male
Class Mage
Media appearances Shining Resonance
Voice Actors
Japanese Mamoru Miyano
English Not Applicable
Voice Clips

"You just sit back and enjoy this explosive tune I’ve got in store for you during these last few moments of your life!"
—Agnum Bulletheart, Shining Resonance

Agnum Bulletheart (アグナム・ブレットハート Agunamu Buretto Hāto?) is one of the protagonists of Shining Resonance. With a personality as hot as the fire he can control at will, Agnum is another Dragon Player with a Dragon Instrument of his own, namely the guitar-shaped Dragon Flame Wand Igryut.[1]



As a magician who knows his way around sound, when he’s around, battlefields turn into concert halls, thanks in no small part to his practically incendiary aural stylings. In spite of his mischievous demeanor as a man who enjoys gallivanting around the world as a vagabond, he nonetheless is considerate and goes out of his way to care for others.[1]



Agnum's Dragon Flame Wand, Igryut, true to his name, dishes out lots and lots of fire attacks.[2]


  • Flame Chef


Preferred choices are in bold.[3]


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