Airy Ardet


Race Human
Birthplace Crantor
Physical description
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Gender Female
Class Priest
Media appearances Shining Hearts
Shining Blade
Voice Actors
Japanese Shiori Mikami
English Brittney Karbowski
Voice Clips

Airy Ardet (エアリィ・アーデット Earyi Ādetto?), also known as Airy (エアリィ Earyi?), is one of the three main heroines the protagonist can choose in Shining Hearts. In the anime Shining Hearts: Bread of Happiness, she works along with the other two heroines, Neris and Amil, in the Le Couer Bakery.



Airy has straight blond hair and blue eyes. She wears an outfit somewhat similar to a nun's, albeit with some differences. Its main colors are dark blue (on the sides and back) and white (on the front) with small gold linings that separate them. The front white part reveals her legs, while the dark blue parts covers and reaches into her ankle. The outfit's collar is white with a golden brooch shaped like a pair of wings and it has a red cloth hanging from the brooch. The outfit's sleeves are puffy dark blue with a fancy white cross design. The sleeves are rolled into a tulip petals shape and it has white frills. She also wears a dark blue headdress with white frills and a white ribbon on the side, as well as black knee boots with one blue ribbon on each



Shining BladeEdit

Prior to the events of the game, Crantor was under attack from the Imperials. Rick Elwood had volunteered himself into the army to help protect his childhood friends: Airy, Neris and Amil. However, his efforts were in vain when the trio were slain during the invasion, leaving him the only survivor out of the four of them. After the battle, Airy survived as a spirit who could not ascend to the Spirit World for an undisclosed reason. She was later discovered by Sakuya and her spirit was preserved as a Soul Blade.

Airy and Amil overhear Rage talking about them with Yukihime. They inform him that they are truly everything that Yukihime has told him and pleads for him to reconcile with Rick. They mention that he possesses a similar kind of sorrow as Rick and that he could try to get Rick back to the person he used to be. Rage agrees to their request and promises to help Rick recover while also attempting recovery from his own trauma.


  • She, Neris and Amil, reappears along with the protagonist in Shining Blade.

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