Amil Manaflare

Amil Manaflare

Race Human
Birthplace Wyndaria
Physical description
Hair color Light-brown
Eye color Brown
Gender Female
Class Magician
Media appearances Shining Hearts
Shining Blade
Voice Actors
Japanese Kanae Itou
English Maggie Flecknoe
Voice Clips

Amil Manaflare (アミル・マナフレア Amiru Manafurea?), also known as Amyl, is one of the three main heroines the protagonist can choose in Shining Hearts. In the anime Shining Hearts: Bread of Happiness, she works along with the other two heroines, Airy and Neris, in the Le Couer Bakery.

Amil makes an appearance in Shining Blade as a cameo character.


Amil has light brown hair tied into two braids. She has brown eyes. She wears a tulip flower-shaped hairclip on one side of her bangs. She wears a green dress with a big white collar with orange lining on it and a frilly orange neck tie. The dress' sleeves has light green color and are puffy on the shoulder part with small orange ribbons on each. The sleeves also has a tulip flower prints in a darker green color. She also wears a beige colored apron. The dress' skirt has two layers. The upper layer is dark green with small white frills. The lower layer is light green with orange lining and shaped like a tulip flower petals. She also wears a brown knee-length boots.


Shining BladeEdit

Amil, Airy and Neris came from Crantor, an area which had been savaged by the Dragonia Empire. Following her untimely death from the invasion, her soul was crystallized due to her strength of will. She was later found by Rick and became a weapon for him to use in battle.




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