Angela asks one of the inn's patrons if they need anything.
Race Angel
Relatives Jensen, adopted father
Physical description
Gender Female
Class n/a
Media appearances Shining Soul II

Angela is a non-playable character in Shining Soul II. Though she maintains the identity of a normal human innkeeper's daughter, in truth she is an angel who rescues playable characters whenever they are defeated in battle and brings them back to the inn. Talking to her when she is in angel form will prompt her to return the playable character to the place in the dungeon where he was defeated.




If you use an Angel Wing, Angela will respond as though you were defeated in battle. You can use Angel Wings on characters other than the one you are controlling, even non-playable characters, by throwing the wing at them. In fact, certain side quests can only be completed by hitting an NPC with an angel wing, prompting Angela to rescue them from the dungeon.

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