Aspinia is the land of the Republic in Shining Force III in all 3 Scenarios.


Aspinia follows republican ideals, unlike the imperial methods of Destonia. However, while the land provides more freedom to those within, it is poverty stricken due to its limited support internally and externally. The capital is the heavily fortified and defended city of Aspia, which is home to the majority of the republic and its king, Benetram. While the capital is nearly impenetrable, it is subjected to constant attack by the non-player imperials throughout Scenario II. In Scenario I, it is not seen until later on in the game.


Aspia is the capital city of Aspinia, where the majority of the populace and military in the Republic live, alongside Benetram. During the events of Scenario I, it is implied by characters that it is prone to constant attack, with only the inner wall of the city being strong enough to block the imperials no matter their strength.


  • Aspia is seen in the introductory cinematic for Scenario I, being seen destroyed by the Colossus and set ablaze in the process. Synbios is then seen charging through its ruins, alongside confronting Medion (this does not occur during gameplay in the Western release, but it does occur in emulation-translated and the Japanese release).

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