Battle 01 is the first battle in Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing. It takes place inside the Ancient Tower.

Before BattleEdit

When Sir Astral, Bowie, Sarah, and Chester investigate the opened Ancient Tower, a Dark Smoke appears, hoping to find a host to control. As Sir Astral tries to prevent its escape, the devil creates several Gizmos to fight the Shining Force.


As all the Gizmos are defeated, the Dark Smoke disappears and appears in front of the entrance to the tower. The Shining Force hurry to the castle, discovering that King Granseal has been taken control from the devil. Sir Astral uses a spell to release the devil's control of the king, only to allow the Dark Smoke to escape from the scene and find another host. Sir Astral becomes exhausted from the battles.

King Granseal then summons his men to find the Dark Smoke and prevent it from controlling another being. However, as the men leave, the minister brings some to news to the king from Sir Astral, who has just awakened. Sir Astral wishes the army to report to Hawel to learn more about the opened door of the Ancient Tower. Much to the dismay, King Granseal and the minister have come up with an idea to send Bowie and his friends to retrieve the information.


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