Vital statistics
Race Human
Faction Cypress Army
Appearance Shining Force Gaiden
Shining Force CD
Health Points Health Points
Magic Points Magic Points
Attack Attack Points
Defense Defensive Points
Speed Speed, or agillity or quickness
Movement Monster's movement
Spell(s) Spells, if any
Special Attacks Special attacks, if any
Items Items and weapons, if any

Bazoo is the right-hand man of Woldol, the de facto dictator of Cypress during Shining Force Gaiden. He appears as two different bosses in Shining Force Gaiden, both of which reappeared in the remake, Shining Force CD.


A powerful Wizard and worshiper of Iom, Bazoo was likely an early recruit in Woldol's plan to take control of Cypress and use it as a base of operations to expand Iom's influence. After Woldol killed the king of Cypress and put the puppet ruler King Edmond in his place, Bazoo was given the task of hunting down and exterminating all resistance to Edmond's rule.