Gerhalt the hirsute beastman.
Vital statistics
Habitat Various
Eye color Varies
Hair color Varies, usually dark
Skin color Covered in hair
Unusual features Excess hair covering the body
long sharp nails and teeth

Beastman is a loose term given to a member of a certain race in Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing


Beastmen are often confused with races such as Wolfling and Foxling. They are, however, very different. Like their name suggests, appear to be a combination of man and beast. Physically, they are essentially human, although they are covered in thick black or brown fur, have sharp teeth and claws, and generally are much stronger then humans. The beast-like qualities of Beastmen tend to get more defined as they grow older. Beastmen pride themselves on this beastly appearance, and the more prominent the teeth and claws, the more one is respected amongst other Beastmen. Some Beastmen even completely shed their human appearance, and in such cases their faces more resemble that of a wolf, with a prominent wolf-like muzzle. Such Beastmen are considered the strongest, although examples of this are rare.