Beatrice Irma

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Beatrice Irma
SResonance Beatrice Portrait1
Race Dark Elf
Physical description
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Gender Female
Class Song Maiden
Media appearances Shining Resonance
Voice Actors
Japanese Houko Kuwashima
English Not Applicable
Voice Clips

"We live in the shadows. Like butterflies fluttering about quietly, we live in a dark world."
—Beatrice Irma, Shining Resonance

Beatrice Irma (ベアトリス・イルマ Beatorisu Iruma?) is one of the antagonists from Shining Resonance. A member of Beowulf, Beatrice is in charge of intelligence gathering and assassinations. Highly skilled in her work as a shinobi, she’s been known to down a number of her enemies while hardly breaking a sweat.[1]



Although she was friends Kirika and Rinna when they were all kids, she was persecuted for being a dark elf in the past, making her relationship with the other two complicated. With the imperial princess’ dragons in tow, she stands in the way of Yuuma and his friends, her inner darkness beyond comprehension for the average person.[1]


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