SPELL boost

No information
Max MP
5 MP
Max Level
Level 2
Max Damage
No damage, no heal HP/MP

Boost (sapoto, or support, in Japanese) is a defensive spell used the the Shining Force games.


Boost is a defensive stat-enhancing spell cast during battles in the Shinging series games. Each game has a slightly different effect:

  • Legacy of Great Intention: This spell increases the recipient's attack power for a short time.
  • Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing: This spell increases the recipient's attack power, speed and agility for a short time. When the spell is cast the upper and lower black areas flash yellow and the battle character will move in fast forward (pretty funny to see!). Even in battle, when the character attacks or is attacked they continue to move in fast forward (except the actual hit from the attack).


Boost should be used to raise your spellcaster's levels as well as the recipient's stats.

Each level has a different amount of range and damage as the spell gets stronger:

  • Level 1 - Up to 5 targets up to 2 spaces away
  • Level 2 - Up to 13 targets up to 3 spaces away

Use Boost Level 2 to make Master Monk Karna level up like mad! Her HP will be ?? in record time.


Boost can be used by the following classes:


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