Chirrup Sandals
Chirrup Sandals image
They make you happy!
Vital statistics
Type Secret
Effects Make you happy!
Source The table in the Galam prison.
Cost to buy Cannot buy
Cost to sell {{{sell}}}
Cost to repair Cannot repair
Chirrup Sandals are a secret item in the game Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing.


Chirrup Sandals are mysterious shoes steeped in myth, legend and speculation. The Chirrup Sandals are found in the Galam prison after Bowie wakes up. search the table next to the old man. You will find the Chirrup Sandals. They can be equipped by any member of the Shining Force, but have no obvious effects other than making a cute chirp noise when the character walks. They DO cause a glitch for magic users that they acquire the spell Higins, also the same name as a centaur character in the game, that when cast - does nothing! Even the spell icon looks fragged.


Much speculation about the Chirrup Sandals includes:

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