Clalaclan Philias

Clalaclan Philias

    Race Human
    Age 18 [1]
    Birthplace Philias
    Relatives Leon (Older Brother)
    Caris (Younger Brother)
    Physical description
    Hair color Blonde
    Eye color Green
    Gender Female
    Height 160cm (5'3") [1]
    Weight 48kg (106 lbs) [1]
    Measurements B95 W60 H89 cm (B37" W23" H35") [1]
    Class Paladin/Priestess
    Faction Luminous Knights
    Media appearances Shining Wind
    Shining Tears X Wind
    Shining Wind Fan Festa
    Shining Blade
    Voice Actors
    Japanese Ayako Kawasumi
    Voice Clips


    Clalaclan Philias (クララクラン·フィリアス Kurarakuran Firiasu?) is one of the protagonists in Shining Wind, and a supporting character in both the anime adaptation, Shining Tears X Wind, and in Shining Blade. She is the princess of Philias, the priestess of Philias' Tower of the Sun, and a member of the Luminous Knights.



    Clalaclan has very long blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin, and a thin but curvy figure.




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