Not to be confused with Colossus (Shining Force I)

The Colossus is a massive steam-powered robot encountered in Shining Force III Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom. It is seen in the introductory FMV for Scenarios 1 and 2, seen in the background of a burning Aspia Castle in Aspinia. However, it is not encountered until much later in the game.


The colossus was used to cause a swath of destruction all over Aspia, nearly destroying the city and making it vulnerable to the Empire. It, along with the Valkyrie (which was sent to Destonia) was used by the Bulzome Sect to further their nefarious aims by not only opening Aspinia up for invasion, it also caused the despair of the citizens to fuel their patron Vandal, Bulzome.


During the battle of Aspia castle towards the end of Scenario 1, the colossus harasses the Synbios Army as they fight against the Imperial Forces on the bridge, with the robot standing half-submerged in the river. Here, the Synbios Army is unable to directly attack the robot, though the Colossus is able to attack any forces standing in front of it. However, thanks to an operation led by Fynnding and the Republic Secondary Force, they swiftly open the Aspia Dam, causing a massive tidal wave to surge along the river. After the Synbios Army manage to take cover near the gate of Aspia, the wave strikes the colossus, causing it to be submerged and crushed by the wave.


  • The Colossus is shown holding a sword in the intro FMVs for both Scenarios 1 and 2, but in game, it only uses it's fists against the player's army.

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