Creed's dialogue avatar
Race Former Greater Devil
Birthplace Possibly Arc Valley
Relatives Unknown, possibly Zeon
Physical description
Gender Male
Class NPC
Faction Various alliances
Media appearances Shining Force II, Comics
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Creed is a non-playable character (or NPC) in Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing. An extremely unusual and mysterious character, it is stated within the game that Creed was once, eons ago, a Greater Devil, and the comics based on the game reveal that he was the firstborn son of their king, Zeon. Creed has however renounced the ways of evil, although he is still an eccentric and bizarre individual. Creed resides at Creed's Mansion in Devil's Tail, where he is an ally of the Fairies, and most notably their unnamed leader, known simply as The Fairy. Creed is something of a collector and has a miniaturized desktop kingdom (New Ponpei) in his study, after he used his powers to save the original human kingdom of Ponpei from a natural disaster. Also on this desktop is his magical chess set, whose living pieces, despite their ferocity, are quite friendly and only battle those who willingly accept their challenge.


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Creed summons the Ancient Spirit beneath his mansion

At the end of the game, Creed assists the heroes by acting as a substitute priest.



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