Crystal Ooze
Vital statistics
Race Ooze
Faction Independent
Appearance Shining in the Darkness
Health Points 2-4
Magic Points 999
Attack 250
Defense 500
Speed 300
Spells Freeze level 4
Muddle level 2
Special Attacks Howl for help (summons a random monster)
Gold 5000
Experience 30000
Item Mithril Ore

Crystal Ooze is a creature encountered only in the very depths of the Labyrinth, in the area surrounding Mephisto's Lair on level 5. Killing Crystal Oozes give the characters an XP reward far higher than any other creature. They have only betwwen 2 and 4 HP each, but are extremely difficult to kill. Besides appearing only very rarely and in the most dangerous area of the labyrinth, they frequently escape before they can be killed, regularly and repeatedly use freeze level 4, and even direct hits usually miss.

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