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Level 2
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DemonBreath (sometimes Demon Breath or Demon Blaze for level 2) is an offensive spell which appears in all the Shining games up to Shining Wisdom.

Little is known of the spell (even the wizard Xern admitted to knowing almost nothing about it), but it is clearly the strongest known spell in the Shining universe. It is wielded only by evil god-like beings and the most powerful of wizards, being more powerful than Bolt.

Knowledge of this spell is not displayed in the status box. Also, when the spell is cast, it will not mention any numbers; "Demon Blaze" is the name of the Level 2 version in Shining Force 1.

It does not consume any MP when used. No playable character in the Shining series can learn the spell.

It is cast at Level 1 only by the second-to-last bosses in their respective games: Darksol and Galam.

The Level 2 version is cast by the final bosses in their respective games: Mephisto, Dark Dragon, Zeon, Iom, Woldol, Bulzome.

Statistics Chart Edit

Level Range Targets Damage Notes
1 3 5 15-30 Used by second-to-last boss.
2 3 13 20-40 Known as Demon Blaze in Shining Force 1. Used by final boss.