Duga image
Werewolf Duga
Vital statistics
Class Werewolf
Gender Male
Race Wolfling
Appearances Shining Force EXA

Duga is a playable male Werewolf character in the game Shining Force EXA.




Powers & MagicEdit

- He attacks by punching his enemies (probably)

- When having 'Wolf Rampage' equipped, he attacks with an ice breath

- When having 'Wolf Leap' equipped, he jumps, then spins vertically forward to the enemy

- When having 'Whirlwind Wolf' equipped, he will become more agile, especially while attacking.

Note:These titles are based on the English version of the game


- (before Toma and Cyril go to the Dungeon of Ordeals, when one of them talks to him in his room) "You ready? Here's some advice to you. Once you start, don't look back! Just keep going! The more you hesitate, the more suffering your opponent will have to endure. At least let your opponent die quickly." (English version)


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