Elmina Rhoderia

Race Human
Physical description
Gender Female
Class Song Magician
Media appearances Shining Wind X
Shining Blade
Voice Actors
Japanese Saori Hayami
Voice Clips


"Me? I come from the Holy Kingdom Runevale of the East. My name is Elmina."
—Elmina Rhoderia, Shining Blade

Elmina Rhoderia (エルミナ・ローデリア Erumina Rōderia?), commonly known as Elmina (エルミナ Erumina?), is a recurring character in the Shining series. She hails from the aristocracy of Runevale and is Aira Blanc's close childhood friend.



Elmina is very shy and is afraid of men.


Chapter 1: Her White Blade PreludeEdit

Elmina is encountered by Altina and Rage after she comments on Altina's singing ability. Walking out of the bushes, she exclaims her thanks to the duo and tells them that she hails from Runevale. After resolving Altina's misunderstanding of the situation, she explains that she was heading to Syldia to rendez-vous with Aira, the surviving Princess of Runevale. She mentions how Syldia serves as the headquarters for the Valeria Liberation Front and how she had hoped to help Aira by aiding their cause. Rage expresses an interest in accompanying Elmina and convinces Altina to follow in suit to figure out what's causing the abrupt appearance of monsters in the Silver Forest. Altina agrees to go on the expedition and with Lin Lin's aid, they manage to evade the Imperial Empire and make their way to Syldia, the headquarters of the Valeria Liberation Front.

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