Wearing such an oversized glove made it awkward for Elric to adjust his hat.
Vital statistics
Class Archer -> Sniper or Brass Gunner
Gender Male
Race Elf
Faction Shining Force
Birthplace Hidden Elven Town
Relatives None
Appearances Shining Force II

Elric (Porunarefu, or Polnaref, in Japanese) is a young elf Archer and a member of the Shining Force in the game Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing.




Elric is the successor to Hans from the previous Shining Force game and acts as the games early archer. He can be promoted to Sniper or Brass Gunner. Pre-promotion, his stats experience a sharp increase over time, but his speed wanes. Post promotion he experiences a sharp HP increase as the game goes on and has steady, but low stats.

Since he is an Elf, he fairs well in the Forrest area which renders May useless.

There is very little difference between him and Janet overall and both are weaker then May.

Powers & MagicEdit

Elric has no magic or special abilities.


  • "Enemies from the sky are mine. My arrows will get them!"


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