Emild image
A scene in Emild.
Vital statistics
Type Kingdom
Location Adjacent to Cypress
Inhabitants Inhabitants

Emild is a nation on the same continent as Cypress. It is seen in the games Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya and Shining Force CD.


Little is known of Emild. It seems to be a nation of minor importance, as it is only briefly involved in the Shining series, and its involvement is due solely to its close proximity to the capital of Cypress.

The king of Emild was sacrificed to Iom by Warderer early in the war between Cypress and Iom, and no hint is given of who his successor would be. Gordon of Iom impersonated the diseased king for a time, using Emild as a base of operation to steal the Sword of Hajya from Cypress. When the Cypress army came for the sword, however, he abandoned his disguise. Chester and May, the only other citizens of Emild seen in the games, were concerned more with avenging the blow struck against Emild than with the ascension of a new king, though Chester at least expressed optimism that the country could be rebuilt.


  • Castle - The unnamed capital of Emild
  • Portobello - A port town. It is implied that the quickest way to reach Iom from Emild is by sailing out of this port.


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