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Race Human
Relatives Marion Lu Shila
Physical description
Hair color Silver
Eye color Gold
Gender Male
Class Cannoneer
Media appearances Shining Resonance
Voice Actors
Japanese Miyuki Sawashiro
Voice Clips


"By the grace of god, I suggest you offer up the dragon’s soul. I already have a lock on him and am otherwise all too willing to mete out his divine punishment myself."
—Ette, Shining Resonance

Ette (エト Eto?), is an antagonist from Shining Resonance. Ette is a young man who’s a member of Beowulf, a special squad of knights under the control of the Church of the Seal.[1]



Despite his demeanor, he is in actuality a fearsome and extremely powerful foe, essentially a doll made for combat.

Sporting a demonic eye from a dragon where his left eye should be, Ette takes on the Dragoners using heavy artillery that’s powered by magic.[1]


Created by the church using secret techniques to function as a living weapon, he works as a sniper that does as he’s told with a cool head. Possibly due to the spiritual control exerted on him by Joachim, he has two distinct personalities that argue with each other constantly.[1] He distinguishes himself from his sister's personality by utilizing masculine pronouns to declare himself.


Prior to the events of the game, Ette and Marion were twins held captive by Joachim. Alongside Yuma, they were subjected to inhumane experiments, that of which would later come to claim Ette's life. As a result of Joachim's experiments on the twins, Ette lost his physical body and manifested himself as another personality within his twin sister Marion. He was then made the dominant personality and was later brainwashed by Joachim to serve him without question.

Yuuma previously met Ette and Joachim during his time when he was locked up in a research facility, possibly meaning they’re at an advantage to some degree when facing him again on the battlefield.[1]


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