Excela Noa Aura

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Excela Noa Aura
SResonance Excela Portrait1
Race Human
Physical description
Hair color Silvery White
Eye color Red
Gender Female
Class Dragon Master
Media appearances Shining Resonance
Voice Actors
Japanese Nana Mizuki
English Not Applicable
Voice Clips

"May the world of old awaken to my song... and its dragons with it!"
—Excela Noa Aura, Shining Resonance

Excela Noa Aura (エクセラ・ノア・アウラ Ekusera Noa Aura?) is the imperial princess in Shining Resonance. Although best known for being the imperial princess, Excela is also a top-tier dragon knight, having attained the title of Dragon Master.[1]

Excela can be unlocked as a playable character by completing a DLC chapter that is still to be released on January 8, 2015.



In addition, Excela is also commander-in-chief of the imperial army and with the help of Beowulf, she goes on the hunt for Yuma to have him as her own. Their meeting, however, doesn’t go quite so smoothly for her, her fate thrown into disarray. Nevertheless, her grace and ability to quell the civil war that plagued her nation in the past have won her great favor with her people.[1]


Chapter 1: Overture in the MoonlightEdit

She appears before Yuma and the others as an enemy Song Maiden and wielder of the “Seventh Armonic.” Thanks to these powers as both as Song Maiden and Dragoner, she’s able to take control of the Drag Machina, a group of artificial dragons made long ago used as weapons. Their loyalty to her unwavering, these three dragons are also known as “The Princess’ Three Spears” and can always be seen accompanying her.

In the opening segments of the game’s story, players meet Excela when Sonia and Yuma await a rendezvous with Kirika so that they can all escape Geilritz Prison together and make the rescue mission to break Yuma out a success. However, amidst the twilight, Lonbardia's princess can be heard singing, calling out to the Drag Machina. Appearing by her side is Trishula, the Red Lotus Spear. Excela, keen on doing away with the Astorian knights that trespass her land, sets the dragon’s sights on Yuma and Sonia. While the latter can certainly hold her own against Excela as a fellow princess, the question still remains whether she and Yuma can make it out of there in one piece.[1]


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