Firklin image
Vital statistics
Class Priest
Gender Male
Race Kyantol
Faction Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Appearances Shining Force EXA

Faulklin is a playable Kyantol healer in the game Shining Force EXA.



Faulklin is a peace-loving Quintol boy. He is generally shy and very quiet, except when it comes to dealing with Ami. He may have some feelings for her, but can't seem to tell her outright. Faulklin is easily taken advantage of and is stuck doing a lot of the work for the two of them.


Powers & MagicEdit

- He often attacks with 'Shine lvl 1' spell three times

- He heals party with 'Aura' (healing) spell

- When he had 'Saint's Words' or 'Saint of Light' equipped, he could use 'Holy' spell to attack surrounding enemies


"They're - They're coming!"


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