Frabell image
Vital statistics
Race Race of the enemy
Faction Cypress army
Appearance Shining Force Gaiden
Shining Force CD
Health Points 90
Magic Points 26
Attack 58 (67 in Super Hard)
Defense 41
Speed 24
Movement 6
Spell(s) Dispell level 1
Special Attacks none
Items Battle Axe

Frabell is one of Woldol's chief enforcers. She and Bazoo are joint bosses in battle 20 of Shining Force Gaiden, which was later remade as part of Shining Force CD.



Despite having her strength enhanced by Woldol, Frabell is a very unresilient boss even in her Shining Force CD incarnation and can be easily taken out in one round of attacks. Finish her as quickly as possible so that you can concentrate on the far tougher Bazoo; though weak by boss standards, Frabell's Attack is more than 10 points higher than any of the other enemies in her battle.


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