Vital statistics
Class Vicar
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Shining Force
Birthplace Moun
Relatives Unknown
Appearances Shining Force II

Frayja (Sharoru in Japanese and Sharol in the English language manual) is a male Human Vicar class and a member of the Shining Force in the game Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing.




Powers & MagicEdit

Frayja is the final healer the player can recruit, he comes already promoted as a vicar and is the parallel to Torasu from the previous Shining Force game. He learns Aura lvl.4 and is able to carry the Shining Force through the final battles of the game. He experiences a steady growth of HP and MP and will experience a sharp increase in defense over time.

Though Karna can also learn Aura lvl.4, he learns it much earlier then she does and has a tendency to be much relied upon as a healer.

He is the weakest of the healers as a fighter and does not like going up front, since he cannot be promoted to master monk as he is already a vicar, the only option is to guard him with caution. This limits his playing style.

As the player has access to 3 other healers by his recruitment, working into a typical team can be harder as the player will likely have already built their Force around the other 3 healers. He shares this issue with Chaz.


  • "I can't forgive the Devils! Evil must be purged from the Earth!"
  • "No! I'm too late. I killed a lot of people. I can never forgive myself! Bowie, please let me fight with you. They must die!"

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