Gate of the Ancients
Gate of the Ancients image
Battle at the Gate of the Ancients
Vital statistics
Type Battle
Location Southeast corner of Western Continent in Rune
Inhabitants None

The battle at the Gate of the Ancients is the first battle in the games Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention and Shining Force: Resurrection of Dark Dragon.


When you arrive at the Gate of the Ancients, Lowe spots some goblins and says Runefaust must be up to something and that you can take them. The head Rune Knight tells the goblins and Dark Dwarves to hurry up and find the key to the door, then sees Max and the rest of the Shining Force and tells the goblins and dwarves to attack you.


There is only one building in this area.


There are no inhabitants in the area.

Things to attackEdit

In the battle there are:

  • Goblin x 4
  • Dark Dwarf x 2
  • Rune Knight x 1
  • Killing the Rune Knight will end the battle so if you do not want to end the battle, do not kill the Rune Knight.

Battle Guide advice: "Move up carefully and don't let your characters spread out. Don't take out enemies one-on-one - surround and overwhelm them. Ken is the easiest of the three fighters to kill, so take care of him - there's to break between this battle and the next, and you need all your strength."


There are no items to obtain but if you want to have Gong get in as much fighting time as possible, you may want to walk out of the battle (not Egress or you will end up in Guardiana and have to walk back) and walk the 2 spaces to Gong's Hut and talk to Gong to get him to join your party and talk to Jogurt to have him join your party later.

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