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Goblin (Shining Force II) image
Attack animation
Vital statistics
Race Goblinoid
Faction None
Appearance Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing
Health Points 18
Magic Points 0
Attack 22 (26 on Super)
Defense 13
Speed 13
Movement 5
Spell(s) None
Special Attacks None
Items Short Axe
Gold 100

Goblins are enemies found in Shining Force II. They are first found in battle 8.


Goblins are a race of monster found in Parmecia. The goblins that were first met by the Shining Force were underlings of a Witch, but not all of them are so.


Goblins have strong attack, but relatively low HP, so if not underestimated, they may not pose as a threat.

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