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Gong's Hut
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Vital statistics
Type Building
Location Southeast corner of Rune to the right of the Gate of the Ancients
Inhabitants Priest, priest's wife, Gong, Jogurt

Gong's Hut is the name given to the building to the right of the Gate of the Ancients in the games Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention and Shining Force: Resurrection of Dark Dragon.


It is not really Gong's hut, as that it is actually the home owned by an old man (a retired priest). It is unknown how long Gong's Hut has been next to the gate of the Ancients, though in the remake Gong establishes that he followed a star to Max's location, suggesting that he has not been waiting very long. It serves as a save or revive point during the first and second battles.


There is only one building at this location.


You meet Gong and Jogurt here. There is also a priest to take care of your saving and reviving needs for the first two battles. There is also a woman there, probably his daughter. When you talk to Gong he immediately joins your party.

Things to attackEdit

There are no battles to fight at this location.


There are no items to be obtained at this location in the Legacy of Great Intention game but you can get the secret item Sugoi Mizugi (Amazing Swimsuit) from the priest's wife in the Resurrection of Dark Dragon game. This is the first location you meet Jogurt in. You MUST talk to him here to have him join your party in Pao.

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