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Vital statistics
Type City
Location South of Alterone in Rune
Inhabitants Humans, Elves, Centaurs, Kyantol, Dwarves, Hobbits

Guardiana is the main city at the start of Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention and Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon.


Guardiana was founded by the Ancients as a means to guard the Gate of the Ancients. This is where the name comes from. Modern Guardianans do not remember what is beyond the gate, only that they need to guard it from being opened. This also means that it is a very ancient city as the Ancients sealed Dark Dragon away 1,000 years ago. It was attacked by Runefaust at the start of the game.


There is one screen for all of the shops, homes and church or chapel and another screen (almost always at the uppermost part of the city) for the castle. If there is no castle, there is only one screen for the town. There may be multiple levels to a building with separate screens for each floor. Guardiana shops include: Weapons shop and Items shop. Other notable buildings include: The Green Dragon bar, where you meet Gort and he eventually joins, and the Knight's Inn hotel. There is a large church to save your progress and revive your allies.

In the castle there are two maids who reveal some information about Tao and Anri. The first maid doesn't like Tao and thinks it an outrage that Tao call herself a mage. The second maid tells you that Princes Anri is in Manarina, which holds the Arcane College where the best mages are trained.

At the top of the lookout tower in the castle is an old man looking through the telescope. when Max talks to him he says it is a lovely view. If Max looks into the telescope facing the old man he'll cry out, "A huge eye! Aiiiieeee!" and move out of the way. Then Max can look into the telescope.

Books in various libraries in GuardianaEdit

Manarina - Land of Magic, Attack Magic for Beginners, Your First Blaze, Pointers for Mages, Your First Spark, Tales of Otrant, The Princess' Primer, I was a Tomboy Princess, The Light and the Darkness, How Green was my Dragon, Path to Master Swordsmanship, Warrior Techniques, Disciplining Children, Home Accounting, Hand Axe Techniques, Hunt for the Axe of Legend, The Warrior's Code, All About Weapons and many more books.


All of the knights in Guardiana look like Arthur.


There are many different races that inhabit Guardiana including: Human, Centaur, Elf, Kyantol, Hobbit and Dwarf. Because you start the game in Guardiana, the largest number of allies and NPCs are found there. Max, Lowe, Tao, Ken, Mae, Lug(mistranslated as "Luke"), Gort and Hans all reside in Guardiana, though some are not from there originally. King Guardiana, father of Princess Anri, the Advisor Nova, and Lord Varios, father of Mae are notable NPCs from Guardiana.

Things to attackEdit

There are no battles inside the city of Guardiana.


Items to obtain in Guardiana:

From the King:

From the Guardiana Treasury (only available after the attack):

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