Hindel image
Hindel's dense mask hid his emotions from the world.
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Vital statistics
Class n/a
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Iom army
Birthplace Iom
Relatives Deanna, brother
Appearances Shining Force Gaiden II
Shining Force CD

Hindel is one of Iom's top generals. Though an NPC, his actions are central to the plot of Shining Force Gaiden II (Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya in the U.S.).


Though older than his brother Deanna, Hindel is very young general, suggesting that he is something of a military prodigy. However, King Warderer claims to have "raised and looked after" him, and depending on how much truth there is to that claim, it's quite possible that Hindel was given his position rather than earned it. Warderer offering his condolences on Deanna's supposed death and Nick's remark that "Hindel owed Warderer" are further evidence that Warderer at the least took a special interest in Hindel before he became a general, though why he would do so is hard to say.

In any case, it is clear that Hindel is not wholly undeserving of his post. He was able to entrust the task of protecting Deanna and the rest of the Cypress army to a special agent, which proves that he is at least able to command a strong degree of loyalty.


Hindel is a caring individual who obviously holds a deep love for his brother. However, he hides his emotions as thoroughly as his helmet hides his face, affecting a cold disregard for others and masking the actions that prove this callousness is nothing but a lie. He also demonstrates a fair amount of bravado, though tempered by good sense.


  • In the Shrine of Iom
Warderer: "By the way, Hindel, accept my condolences."
Hindel: "Sir?"
Warderer: "I heard that your younger brother died at the hands of a lowly swordsman."
Hindel: "It couldn't be helped. The law of the land states, if one is unable to protect oneself, one deserves to die."
  • When Warderer tries to sacrifice Prince Nick
Hindel: "My dear King Warderer." (strikes Warderer down)
Warderer: "Hmmm. Hindel, have you come to interfere again?"
Hindel: "Who? Me?"
  • When Hindel is being sacrificed to Iom
Hindel: "Nick! Please, care for Deanna, my brother! Pl..."


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