Irma, Rin and Ran
Irma (in middle) with Rin and Ran.
Vital statistics
Class None
Gender Female
Race Elf
Faction Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Relatives None
Appearances Shining Soul 2
Characterbook irma rin ran

Irma keeps the Items Shop at Klantol Castle in Shining Soul II, with her daughters, Rin and Ran.


Little is known about them, the past, where they came from. One funny thing that happens during the game is that Boken starts taking an interest in Irma, as she begins to get interested in Jensen, the Inn Keeper.


Irma seems to be a devoted mother to take care of their daughters but also seems a bit sloppy.It is difficult to define the personality of Rin and Ran, as they only appear in the store, and do not participate in any extra scene, but, through the image, Rin seems to be the daughter responsible and careful while Ran seems more lively and playful.


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