Jenius Aeon

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Jenius Aeon
Race Human
Physical description
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Gender Male
Class Magic Knight
Media appearances Shining Resonance
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiroshi Kamiya
Voice Clips

"Let it be known that as one who walks down the path of the dragons, you will be struck down by this very blade in my hands."
—Jenius Aion, Shining Resonance

Jenius Aeon (ジーナス・アイオーン Jīnasu Aiōn?) is one of the antagonists from Shining Resonance. Jenius is a major roadblock in the journey of Yuma and company. A swordsman of profound skill, he’s been known to down legendary dragons with just the lone blade he carries. However, he has no affiliation with any of the major powers, instead hunting down dragons as a loner, making his priorities most ambiguous.[1]



At the very least, imperial forces don’t consider him an ally in the least, given their own reliance on dragons themselves, especially after he manages to take down Gae Bulg, one of the Drag Machina. Either way, Yuma’s fate is deeply tied to him, as he holds many of the underlying keys to the underlying proceedings.[1]


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