Joachim Rubens

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Joachim Rubens
Race Human
Physical description
Hair color Purple
Eye color Red
Gender Male
Class Dark Priest
Media appearances Shining Resonance
Voice Actors
Japanese Kazuya Nakai
English Not Applicable
Voice Clips

"I suggest you return your sinful body to me as penance. I’ll see to it that you’re reborn into something marvelous by the gods when you do!"
—Joachim Rubens, Shining Resonance

Joachim Rubens (ヨアヒム・ルーベンス Yoahimu Rūbensu?) is an antagonist from Shining Resonance. Joachim is a scientist who works for Beowulf and is their leading researcher in the field of ancient dark magic.[1]



A man with a few screws loose in his head, he’s extremely gifted in biology and medicine, but feels no particular urge to apply his knowledge outside of his research experiments. In particular, he’s created a number of living weapons like Marion that make use of Dragon Body Dynamics. As such, he pays no mind to whatever sacrifices have to be made in order to realize his experiments.[1]


Among Joachim’s many accomplishments as a researcher, Marion in particular is something he’s proud of and he holds a strong attachment to him. He was also the one behind the experiments conducted on Yuuma while he was held captive, whose body he displays an especially strong interest in researching further.[1]


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