Kirika Towa Alma

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Kirika Towa Alma
Race Elf
Physical description
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Aqua
Gender Female
Class Song Maiden
Media appearances Shining Resonance
Voice Actors
Japanese Saori Hayami
English Not applicable
Voice Clips

"I am the maiden who has inherited the song of yore. Henceforth, I offer up this song to you."
—Kirika Towa Alma, Shining Resonance

Kirika Towa Alma (キリカ・トワ・アルマ Kirika Towa Aruma?) is one of the main heroines of Shining Resonance. She is an elf who learns the song of magic which allows her to freely change the power of nature. However, she is a better healer than a damage dealer. She may seem withdrawn at first, but she is generally known to be a kind person.[1] Her brother is Lesti Sera Alma.




Although appearing solemn in approach and devoted to her cause, Kirika can also be mischievous as illustrated by her fear of carrots. Rinna states in an event conversation that Kirika goes so far as using magic to teleport the carrots out of any of her dishes. She also states that Kirika was known to use smoke and mirrors to escape from potentially taxing situations.


Kirika interrupts Excela's song just in time to rescue Sonia Blanche and Yuma Irvan. After defeating Excela's dragon, she and Sonia escape on the back of the Shining Dragon.



Kirika uses her abilities as a Song Maiden to enhance her allies capabilities. Kirika's outfit also changes when initiating B.A.N.D. and different songs grants her new outfits.


  • Carrot-Hater


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