Cat-girl Mao
    Race Quarter-Beast
    Age 17 (Tears), 18 (Wind) [1]
    Birthplace Shildia
    Relatives Diocles (Father)
    Ayane (Mother)
    Physical description
    Hair color Reddish Brown
    Eye color Brown
    Gender Female
    Height 151cm (4'11½") [1]
    Weight 37kg (83 lbs) [1]
    Measurements B80 W54 H79 cm (B31" W21" H31") [1]
    Class Ninja
    Faction Weissritter
    Media appearances Shining Tears
    Shining Wind
    Shining Tears X Wind
    Voice Actors
    Japanese Ai Nonaka
    Voice Clips


    Mao is a playable female Quarter-Beast in Shining Tears. She also appears in the game Shining Wind and the anime Shining Tears X Wind.



    Mao has short reddish brown hair, cream white skin, brown eyes, and a thin figure.




    Mao is the illegitimate daughter of the beastman Rex Leonis Diocles, the king of Bestia, and Ayane, a traveling human dancer. When Ayane came to Bestia, Diocles fell in love with her. At the time, in Bestia it was forbidden for beastmen to have interactions with members of different races. Although Diocles was willing to give up the throne for her, Ayane, pregnant at the time, went to ask Volg to help her escape Bestia to preserve his honor. He accepted and took her to Shildia where Mao was born.

    Shining TearsEdit

    Mao is introduced as one of the King of Balboa's trusted agents to deliver a message to Volg from the king. Angered by the message (which said they were leaving all war efforts to Weissritter and refused to spare any soldiers), Volg with Xion and Mao went to seek help from the giants. As Volg begged the Giants for help, monsters attacked the village, trapping a young giant's father. Feeling sorry for the child, Mao, who for an unknown reason knew about Xion's Twin Dragon Rings, went with Xion to save the child's father. Having a change of heart, the giants decided to help Weissritter. With the approval of Pios, Mao joined Weissritter.

    Shining Wind/Shining Tears X WindEdit


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