Marion Lu Shila

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Marion Lu Shila
Race Human
Relatives Ette
Physical description
Hair color Silver
Eye color Green & Gold
Gender Female (?)
Class Cannoneer
Media appearances Shining Resonance
Voice Actors
Japanese Miyuki Sawashiro
Voice Clips

Marion Lu Shila (マリオン・ル・シーラ Marion Ru Shīra?) is a protagonist from Shining Resonance. Marion is a twin who, along with her older brother Ette, was raised by the mad scientist Joachim at Geilritz Prison to be a living experimental weapon. In spite of the circumstances, she and her brother were on good terms. Yuma also knows the pair from his time being held captive for experiments.[1]



Marion’s right eye is what she’s always normally had, her golden left one is that of a dragon’s.[1]


Marion’s presence takes some getting used to for some of the other characters, however. When Kirika, for instance, drops by Yuuma’s room one day, she finds the two talking in extremely close proximity and subsequently feels irked at the sight. Marion, though, still not all that aware of her feminine traits and preferring to refer to herself in a tomboyish manner, reassures Kirika that she simply came to tell Yuuma her thanks before heading out, leaving Kirika with mixed feelings deep down.[1]


When Yuma encounters one of them later on, it’s initially believed to be Ette, but afterwards, “Ette’s” personality is seen to sometimes switch out to that of Marion’s, wreaking havoc upon “his” psyche and slowly revealing the extent of Joachim’s horrendous deeds. Though he has his own share of issues to deal with, Yuuma, keen on learning the truth about the twins, sets out to find them himself.[1]


After some additional time passes, Marion can join Yuuma’s crew as a Dragoner wielding the Dragon Eye Cannon Barmonium, although how that ends up happening will have to remain a mystery here. In this capacity, she’s a dependable ally, her time working under Joachim proving to come in quite handy, as she can carry her huge weapon and swing it to and fro in battle with extreme ease. When used in battle, she shoots out a wide variety of different sorts of magic shells, granting her a distinct feel and playstyle compared to the rest of the cast.[1]


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