Mars image
Mars faces down yet another monster threatening the kingdom
Vital statistics
Class none
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Knights of Odegan
Birthplace Odegan
Relatives Jiles, father
unnamed grandfather
unnamed grandmother
Appearances Shining Wisdom

Mars is the hero and sole playable character of Shining Wisdom. He is responsible for singlehandedly defeating the dark elf Pazort and his servants.


Mars is the son of the legendary knight Sir Jiles.


Though brave and compassionate, Mars has a tendency to lie in order to keep himself and his friends from getting into trouble.


To effectively use Mars, one must be able to routinely reach level 4 on the acceleration button. Though this is traditionally done by mashing the B button, the X, Y, and Z buttons serve the same function. Therefore, players may have an easier time if they try mashing two of those buttons simultaneously.

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Mars is the true hero of Odegan kingdom and would be willing to redeem himself and his friends for all his lies and deception and scheming to thwart the dark elf Wizard Pazort and his plans

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