Race Human
Physical description
Gender Female
Class Song Maiden
Media appearances Shining Blade
Voice Actors
Japanese Nana Mizuki
Voice Clips

Sakuya (サクヤ Sakuya?) is a mysterious individual who possesses uncanny ability and enigmatic motives. She seems to know Rage from another world and is familiar with Lin Lin.


Shining BladeEdit

Sakuya is a young student in the world of Elde, along with Rage , Kaito, Kanon , Ein and Touka . Besides studying, Sakuya was also supervisor of the kendo club and instructor Rage in the art of the sword.

Sakuya was soon transported after Rage to the world of Endias, but it appears it was not her first time in this world, as demonstrated by their knowledge of the world and the people living in it.

Once the Empire Dragonia began to invade Valeria, Sakuya began to mount resistance based on Syldia, who named Valeria Liberation Front, becoming the captain of the army and having Wolfiling Fenrir as his vice captain.

Once reunited Rage in Endias, Sakuya begins to use it as a symbol for his troops gaining moral and confidence given by Crantor United hero who wields the legendary sword Yukihime .

In the midst of this she plans much further than many characters in this plot, reaching to outwit the enemies of the Empire, as in its agreement with the black knight of the Empire Fafner (which in the end it turned out to be Kaito , his colleague class in Elde, friend of Rage and the gang at school).

When the group begins to defeat the dragons to get the eggs of Kings Spirits, Sakuya begins to earn them the Magic Programs, each having an element that the team it changes its appearance as well as their battle powers.



Preferred choices or choices that will increase relationship are in bold. Choices that decrease relationship are underlined.

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