Race Half Human Half Elf
Relatives Sorbet (familiar)
Physical description
Gender Female
Class Mage
Media appearances Shining hearts
Blade Arcus from Shining
Voice Actors
English Not applicable
Voice Clips

Melty Du Granite (メルティ・ド・グラニテ Meruti Do Guranite?) is a "tsundere " witch living apart from society in the game, Shining Hearts. Apart from the protagonist working at the bakery, she oppositely experiments and researches for the tastiest ice cream.



Melty has a long, wavy white hair. She has purple eyes. She wears a typical witch's hat with soft pink frills and a big hot pink ribbon on the side. A thin white bow with a heart-shaped ornament is tied on the tip of the hat. She also wears a pair of small heart-shaped earrings. Her black dress is a shoulder-off and sleeveless model, with tutu skirt. The front bodice of the dress is almost shaped like a corset. Underneath the black dress' skirt also a few layers of soft pink frills. She also wears black gloves that reaches the upper part of her arm with white criss-cross lining. On her feet she wears white sandals/shoes, also with criss-cross design. She wears black garters on her legs, with black ribbon.


Tsundere, as her name implies.


  • The familiar Gii of Rachel Alucard from Blazblue is similar to her familiar Sorbet

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