Mortred (Dark Knight)
Sitd manual sirmortred
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Thornwood army -> Mephisto's army
Birthplace Unknown (presumed Thornwood)
Relatives Hiro, son
Appearance Shining in the Darkness
Health Points 750-1000
Attack 335
Defense 105
Speed 155
Spells None
Special Attacks May attack twice per turn, regenerates 100 HP per turn
Gold 0
Experience 1000

Mortred is a character in Shining in the Darkness.


Mortred was given a Dark Blade by Melvyl (Mephisto), which robbed him of his will and turned him into his servant. Then he kidnapped Princess Jessa. Finally, his son, Hiro, finds him and fights him. After that, Mortred recovers consciousness, and dies.


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