SPELL neptun

Max MP
19 MP
Max Level
Level 2
Max Damage
61 HP

Neptun (nepuchun, or Neptune, in Japanese) is a water-based attack spell used in Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing.


Neptun is a water-based elemental attack spell cast during battles in Shinging Force II: Ancient Sealing. Each level has the same look as the spell gets stronger, only the damage anount changes. Neptun is a blueish-skinned merman with a green tail and brown hair. He is wearing a gold crown and arm cuffs with off-white tunic with light blue cape and is holding a trident. This spell can only be cast by a Sorcerer and entails Neptun being summoned and attacking the target with rain.


Neptun is one of the four Sorcerer spells. These spells are devastatingly powerful, but there is a drawback. Unlike the simple elemental spells like Blaze, Freeze and Bolt which deal the same damage to all targets, the Sorcerer summoning spells damage is dispersed between the targets. For example, if one target would be damaged 25 HP, two targets would be damaged 14 HP, three targets would be damaged 8 HP, four targets would be damaged 5 HP and 5 targets would be damaged 4 HP. Each level has a different amount of range and damage as the spell gets stronger:

  • Level 1 - Up to 5 targets up to 2 spaces away
  • Level 2 - Up to 13 targets up to 2 spaces away


Neptun can be used by the following classes:


  • Neptune is the God of the Seas in Greek and Roman mythology.

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