Neris Filiam

Race Human
Birthplace Wyndaria
Physical description
Hair color Brown
Gender Female
Class Archer
Media appearances Shining Hearts
Shining Blade
Voice Actors
Japanese Mai Aizawa
Voice Clips

Neris Filiam (ネリス・フィリアム Nerisu Firiamu?) or Nellis is one of the three main heroines the protagonist can choose in Shining Hearts. In the anime Shining Hearts: Bread of Happiness, she works along with the other two heroines, Airy and Amil, in the Le Couer Bakery.



Neris has a dark brown hair styled into a single thick braid which becomes thinner in the end. She has purple-grayish eyes. She wears a white top with buttons that reveals her breast cleavage. It has a frilly black collar with red ribbon and white puffy sleeves on the shoulder. She also wears a black corset. Her red skirt has two layers. The upper layer is the dark red one and the lower layer is the lighter one. Her apron is somewhat beige colored (sometimes white) with borders (either plain or triangles). She also wears brown knee-length boots.




  • She, Airy and Amil, reappears along with the protagonist in Shining Blade.

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