New Granseal
General Information
Type City
Continent Parmecia
Game Information
Method of Access By foot
Inhabitant(s) King Granseal
Sir Astral
Bowie's mother

New Granseal is a city in Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing.


Built on Parmecia continent after the original city of Granseal on Grans Island was destroyed by an earthquake as Ancient Tower opened. New Granseal was started on Parmecia as a small town that eventually grew to a considerable size, although not as considerable as the first one. The city was originally built using the wood from the ship the refugees from Granseal sailed on.



  • King Granseal - the ruler of Granseal and father of Princess Elis.
  • Minister - the prime minister of Granseal that ruled New Granseal when the King was unable to do so.
  • Sir Astral - the advisor of the King and of the Shining Force.
  • Bowie - the leader of the Shining Force.
  • Bowie's mother
  • Sarah - a student of Sir Astral and member of the Shining Force.
  • Chester - a student of Sir Astral and member of the Shining Force.
  • Jaha - a student of Sir Astral and member of the Shining Force.
  • Kazin - a mage member of the Shining Force.
  • Slade - a thief member of the Shining Force.
  • Kiwi - Bowie's newfound pet and also a member of the Shining Force.

Things to attackEdit

There's no battle in this location.

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