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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Elf
Appearances Shining Force III




Getting Noon to JoinEdit

File:Battle -1.11.png

Noon is only available to join the force if Kahn's Elbesem Orb is used on the appropriate Kyon-Shi in battle #11 (Quonus Graveyard). He's the one standing at the north shore of the lake. Killing the other Kyon-Shis makes no difference.

Once the Vandal Abdark is defeated, Synbios must find Noon at the graveyard lake shore (he switches to the south one, misleading) and after talking to him, he'll join the force.

Using NoonEdit

Powers & MagicEdit

Noon is a mage that specialises in ice and dark element magic, very similar to Marky.

Spell listEdit

Noon can cast the following spells:

Class LV Spell
Wizard ---- Freeze LV1
2 Freeze LV2
3 Spark LV1
7 Spark LV2
10 Freeze LV3
13 Soul Steal LV1
16 Freeze LV4
20 Soul Steal LV2
High Wizard ---- ----

Noon will also be able to use one additional spell depending on which weapon he has equipped.

Magic Proficiency Edit

Class Magic Proficiency
Fire Ice Lightening Wind Earth Light Dark
Wizard 0 6 0 3 0 0 5
High Wizard 4 12 4 7 0 4 10

Magic Resistance Edit

Class Magic Proficiency
Fire Ice Lightening Wind Earth Light Dark
High Wizard
15 25 15 15 10 15 20


"Now bear my arctic blast." [When performing freeze spell.]


  • Noon and Abdark, the Vandal inside the Quonous Mansion, both have the same voice actor.
  • Noon's "Now bear my artic blast!" is frequently used as an example to show how bad the English voice acting is for Shining Force III.

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