Max MP
7 MP (in Shining in the Darkness), 5 MP (in Shining the Holy Ark)
Max Level
Level 1
Max Damage

Peace (translated as "Suppress" in Shining the Holy Ark) is a non-combat spell used in the first person dungeon crawler entries of the Shining series. It prevents random monster encounters from occurring for a set distance of travel.


In Shining in the Darkness, the Peace spell's effect dissipates after the party has taken In Shining the Holy Ark, it dissipates after 30 steps.


Peace only affects monsters that are much less powerful than your party members, so it is not effective as a means of progressing through a dungeon. Rather, if your party for whatever reason must wander through a region with relatively weak monsters, Peace can prevent you from wasting time on boringly easy battles that give few experience points.

If you like to over-level your party, the Peace spell can give you a clear run for the dungeon's boss. It is also handy when searching for the Arms of Light.


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