Pegasus Wing
Pegasus Wing image
The ever-elusive Pegasus Wing!
Vital statistics
Type Secret
Effects Promotes a Knight to a Pegasus Knight
Source Pacalon Castle
Cost to buy Cannot buy
Cost to sell {{{sell}}}
Cost to repair Cannot repair

The Pegasus Wing is a secret item in the game Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing.


The Pegasus Wing is one of the secret items from Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing that can be used to promote a Knight into a Pegasus Knight, instead of a Paladin. You find the Pegasus Wing at the Pacalon Castle. Go into the castle and go into the farthest north-west room. There you go through a hidden door in the wall where there are three rocks and go out side and go down the stairs. You will now enter the room with a chest in it. When you open the chest you will recieve the Pegasus Wing! This is far enough in the game that you will undoubtedly have a promotable knight. Chester usually does not make it this far as there are many weapons he will not be able to use and becomes a burden if he can't keep up. If you do not choose Eric, perhaps Rick will do as you get him well after Chester.


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