Princess Camille
They all said that no one can go adventuring in a corset, but Camille was sure that she'd show them.
Vital statistics
Class n/a
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Klantol
Birthplace Klantol Kingdom
Relatives King Marcel, father
Queen Yvonne, mother
Appearances Shining Soul II

Princess Camille(Cocotte in the Japanese version) is a major NPC in the game Shining Soul II. She has a somewhat ambiguous relationship with the protagonist of the game, and may be interpreted as either a good friend or a love interest according to the player's preference.



Camille is spunky and adventurous, with an exceptionally brave spirit. Her sense of prudence and responsibility is just emerging. She is also very friendly by nature.


  • In Klantol Castle throne room
Princess Camille: "Hey, Alex... You know what...?"
King Marcel: *Cough*
Princess Camille: "Oh, never mind! I just wanted to chat."
King Marcel: "Then why don't you speak normally to each other?"
Princess Camille: "Oh, Father! You don't understand at all."


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