General Produn is a character in Shining Force III Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom who is mentioned, but is not seen until Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God. He is a republican general, who he and his army are posted at the town of Railhead during the peace conference between the Empire and Republic, stationed for the purposes of coming to Benetrams' aid should tensions arise and the group need to flee back to the republic. However, for unknown reasons in the first scenario, he is not present at the town, with only one of his soldiers, Obright, being present at Balsamo to assist the republicans.

Scenario 1Edit

Produn was mentioned extensively in Scenario 1, posted by king Benetram at the Destonia town of Railhead, a locale with a train station. He and his army were to wait for the king there, and in event that things were to go wrong during the peace talks, Produn would be present to escort the king back to Aspinia. Things do take a turn for the worse, but when Synbios, Benetram, and the Republic Shining Force arrive at Railhead, Produn is nowhere to be found, with only one of his soldiers, Obright, being present to assist the force. He is not seen or heard of for the rest of the game following this.

Scenario 2Edit

Where Produn was during Scenario 1 is shown in Scenario 2. When Medion and the Empire Shining Force arrive in the town of Anafect. Here, the imperials spot Produn and the remains of his army stealing a ship to flee back to Aspinia with, telling the owner that they had suffered too many losses and had to run. However, upon seeing the Imperials, Produn assumes that they are a pursuit force, where he and his lieutenant and wife, Stella, order their army to attack. Produn does not participate long in the battle, as Medion and his forces defeat most of the soldiers, leading to Stella attempting to order a retreat. Produn refuses to leave his troops behind, forcing Stella to send her bird soldiers to forcibly retrieve him and drop him aboard the ship, accidentally knocking him out in the process. Stella confronts the imperials, and upon reaching her, the player is given an option: Kill or Spare Stella.

If the player chooses to spare Stella, she is surprised and the fighting ends, though she is reluctantly distrustful of them. They offer to back away to allow Produn to dock the ship, to which Stella boards the ship. The two state their good byes, and Produn leaves back for Aspinia.

Scenario 3Edit

If the player had chosen to spare Stella, Produn is legible to join the Julian Army. When the Julian Army arrive in Aspinia at the town of Baersol, Produn is forced into fighting the army by Masked Monks holding Stella hostage. However, if the player manages to defeat the Masked Monk boss and avoids Produn (which is fairly easy, since Produn doesn't enter the battle and the boss is generally encountered first), then Produn joins the SF.

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