Queen Yvonne
Yvonne holding her scepter.
Vital statistics
Class n/a
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Klantol Kingdom
Birthplace Klantol
Relatives Princess Camille, daughter
King Marcel, husband
Appearances Shining Soul II

Queen Yvonne is the queen of the kingdom of Klantol.




  • In the Klantol Castle throne room
Queen Yvonne: "Greetings, Alex. It seems that you are doing well. Don't worry about Camille. She will be just fine on her own. Alex, carry out your mission with dignity. The King and I are both proud of your bravery."
King Marcel: "... ... Huh? Oh, me!? Oh, of course! Don't surprise me like that!"
Queen Yvonne: "Oh, I'm sorry, dear."
Queen Yvonne: "You seem to be doing your best, Alex. I'm learning how to bake coolies right now... I had the chef teach me, and began making them myself. If peace ever returns to this world, would you care to try some?"
King Marcel: "Hm? You sound excited... What are you talking about?"
Queen Yvonne: "Oh, nothing. This is between me and Alex, dear."


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