Raizen Veryfast
Raizen had a suspicion Princess Camille had a lot of money so he went and begal'd her with hiw Scoopy. He then showed her the way of GOJEK.
Vital statistics
Class VeryfastNinja
Gender Male
Race Only Human
Faction Begal Foundation
Birthplace Klantol
Relatives none known for going above 120 km/h
Appearances Shining Soul II

Raizen is a playable Very Fast Ninja in the game Shining Soul II. Very fast


Like all the playable characters in Shining Soul II, Raizen is simply a young would-be hero who goes to fight in the king's tournament very fast.


Fast StrategyEdit

Begal your opponents, kite back and forth using the Scoopy's superior mobility

Powers & Magic FastEdit

As a ninja, he can use swords, knifes, and scrolls. He also has access to a 2006 Honda Scoopy in order to facilitate his strategy of Begal.


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